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Key Considerations in Bathroom Remodeling

Design/Build Bathroom Remodeling

The dream bathroom combines luxury and comfort with purpose and efficiency.  Since bathroom size varies, achieving the right measurement for the ideal bathroom is a case-by-case basis.  Luckily, our design/build bathroom remodeling team is here to help.  Our Team will examine the space and give quality solutions to install everything you need while making it feel spacious and luxurious.  Our job becomes easier when homeowners think about some of the key considerations to perfection.  Browse our bathroom picture gallery for inspiring ideas.


Are you short on storage, and plan to add more Bathroom storage ideas for design-build remodeling contractorcabinets in the bathroom?  Make room for this vital component by knowing exactly how long, how tall, and how deep it should become.  Since bathroom storage can touch the floor, determine how much of the floor space should be designated for the new storage.  Consider a tower on top of the vanity counter for additional storage, or add a cabinet above the toilet in the water closet for the extra needed storage space.  


Begin by considering a vanity or pedestal sink.scottsdale bathroom remodeling with design-build bath renovation  Vanities take up more space; however compensates for the large space by offering storage room.  Pedestals save on space, and give the illusion of a roomier bathroom due to its skinny frame.  Next, consider sinks based on the type and length; there are two traditional types.  Most sinks are installed at or below countertop level, also known as drop-in or Undermount sinks.  Sinks mounted above-counter are called vessel sinks, and looks similar to a bowl on top of your countertop space.  In terms of sink length, that depends on whether one or two sinks are going to be needed in the bathroom.  A good sized vanity sink is 20”-22” and is installed in cabinet.  Considering the amount of countertop space you’ll need in the bathroom, it’s not recommended to install dual sinks in a cabinet space less than 60” long. 

Tubs & Shower Doors

A traditional bathtub is 60” long, while larger tubs may be 72”+.  The 2 main installation types for bathtubs are drop-in and freestanding; while many people may suggest selecting a type before considering size and space, our Professional Designers have found it a more successful proposition to consider the space available and preferred design aesthetic before selecting the bathtub type. 

Are you seeking a Jetted-type bathtub?  Consider whether or not the bathroom has electrical capabilities for the jet pump, as adding the additional electrical components will effect the overall cost of the bathroom remodel project.

For shower doors, make  sure to leave 12” of room between shower doors and the ceiling; if you plan to go closer to the ceiling, consider installing tile or another type of water-proofing to the ceiling to compensate for the additional moisture build up due to the decreased ventilation. 

Plumbing Fixtures

There are thousands of plumbing fixtures onBathroom Designer for design/build home remodeling the market to choose from.  While you may consider re-using existing plumbing fixtures; many times these fixtures require significant re-building of the interior components that it becomes cost prohibitive.  We always recommend replacing the shower valve when remodeling a shower space, as you can never predict when a problem may occur.  Doesn’t it make sense to replace it when the wall is opened-up for the shower remodel anyway?  Opt for quality plumbing faucets and fixtures to minimize the possibility for headaches. 

Creating the perfect bathroom escape comes with a lot technical detail, and dozens of considerations before construction actually begins?  This information is vital to customizing the space the way you envisioned it.  For more information on bathroom remodeling

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Ideas for a Well-Designed Laundry Room

Laundry rooms are no longer the forgotten space of a home –

Inteior design and remodel of ahwatukee area laundry room in phoenix, az by hochuli design & remodeling team
Laundry Room in Phoenix, AZ

nor should they be. In today’s homes, laundry areas are multi-functional and organized to keep households running smoothly and efficiently.

When thinking about the design of your laundry room, it is important to consider the tasks involved: sorting, cleaning, drying, folding and ironing. A well-designed laundry room can accomplish these chores and more.

Here we offer some ideas for your well-designed laundry room.

One of the biggest causes of clutter in the home are shoes, jackets and bags. If your laundry room is near an entrance, one of best design ideas is to dedicate a small portion of the laundry room for these items – with storage lockers. These provide a dedicated space for jackets, hats and backpacks that are off the floor yet near the door. Lockers can include bench seating and cubbies to store shoes, too.

Another must-have in any well-designed laundry room is counter space for folding laundry.

Interior design and remodel of laundry room wtih hamper pull-outs in phoenix, az

If you have a front-load washer and dryer, a countertop can go above the units so clothes can be taken directly from the dryer to fold. Additionally, you’ll want cabinets with organizing systems that can store laundry products and other items for easy access.

Also worth consideration are these laundry room features designed with functionality in mind:

• Pull-out hamper cabinets make for easy laundry sorting.
• Utility sinks provide a dedicated spot to hand-wash delicate items.
• Flat-drying and hanging racks offer a convenient place to air-dry clothes.
• In-wall ironing boards keep the “ironing center” organized and tucked away.

laundry room pet washing station remodel contractor scottsdale, az

Some laundry rooms are also being designed with pet-washing stations. These showers are equipped with hand-held showerheads so you can get your dog’s entire body clean, or simply hose off their dirty paws. If you have larger dogs, a no- or low-threshold shower is recommended, but if you have smaller dogs, consider elevating the dog bath to make it easier on your back.

The space you can dedicate for your laundry area will dictate what is possible, but working closely with a good design build contractor and their design team, even the smallest laundry rooms can achieve new measures of efficiency.

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Benefits of Working with a Professional Design/Build Team

You’ll need to make dozens of decisionsDesign/Build Remodeling Team Glass Pendant Lights, Quartz Countertops, White Shaker Cabinets, and Wood Flooring in Gilbert, AZ Kitchen Remodel when planning a home remodeling project, and one of the most difficult decisions you’ll be faced with is choosing a contractor you can trust. If you hire someone that you simply can’t see eye-to-eye with, it can make the project difficult from start to finish.

One approach is to work with a design-build contractor – which simply means that you’ll be working with the same firm throughout the planning and construction of your project. Here are some benefits of working with a professional team.

Creativity included: Not every remodeling project requires the same level of skills as others. If all you are looking for is to pull out old bathroom fixtures and replace them with new ones, you don’t really need a lot of creativity. However, if what you desire is a total transformation, an interior designer can offer you creative ideas and space planning options. Not only will you maximize space, but you most likely will get some ideas you’ve never thought of before.

Problem solvers: You may want an updated kitchen with the latest appliances, but often at the heart of why you want to remodel is something more – a deeper problem you’d like solved. Perhaps there is not enough storage space or the issue is a poorly functioning work area. A design/build team will ask the questions that get to the heart of the real issues – even the problems that you’ve learned to live with for years – and create a space that is much more enjoyable and functional.

Trend watchers: Design/build remodelers also know about the newest products on the market. They attend trade shows and seminars and read publications so they can assist their customers in making selections that are good investments.

Budget stretchers: A design/build remodeling firm can suggest alternatives that allow you to stretch your budget a bit further. This way, you can get more of the features you want without blowing the budget.

Trusted advisors: A Professional home remodeler will know what will be trending in the coming year, and what will stay timeless. They will be able to advise you on picking out a material that will last for years to come. For example, faux wood tile is popular right now, but with so many of these types of materials on the market, it is really easy to pick the wrong one. Your remodel contractor will know which brands hold up and won’t look worn out in a few years.

Refer to these 18 key questions to ask every contractor to help you find the right contractor for you.

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