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Dare to Dream about Interior Design

If you could redesign the kitchen and change/add anything you'd like, what would you do?

Imagine a new master bath, complete with the latest luxuries. If you could change what you have, would you?

Dreaming of a new patio, complete with an outdoor living space and kitchen? What's stopping you from saying 'Let's do it'?

You might be surprised to find that conversations with statements similar to the above remarks take place all across the Phoenix area about various home remodeling projects. One of the biggest challenges facing the person beginning a room or home makeover is the unknown. What questions should be asked? What product is the best value for my investment. Will my home remodel last for many years? 

When you find yourself looking at your home and dreaming of a fresh, new look you have a choice to make. You can either put if off for another day or investigate the options that are readily available to you.

Many home owners long for interior design that fits their personal style but are overwhelmed at the idea of going it alone. Check out the following interior design trends that you will want to consider before you speak with a professional design-build home remodel contractor.

While the classic chevron print landed on the scene a few years ago, it remains strong. Interior Design, Kitchen Designer, Design/Build Remodeling in Scottsdale, AZThe new trend to partner with chevrons is large, daring prints and patterns. Imagine accent pieces of large prints of florals or shapes and colors, then accent with a luxurious throw to add a level of texture to your home design.  Your Interior Designer might also suggest old school polka dots or stripes, which seem to stay in fashion.

Green is in. Many fashionable remodels include a semblance of recycling and repurposing. Wall art that is a one of a kind design, created solely for a specific person and room will surely illicit the "wow" factor from visiting guests. Shades of browns and greens teamed with textures and patterns that mimic nature might be exactly what you are searching for. Mixing older accessories such as a vase or footstool alongside contemporary candlesticks or throw pillows will add a new dimension to your design.  

What about lighting? The world of lighting has evolved Reclaimed wood backsplash wall from Interior Design and Remodel from the single watt bulb to an array of shapes, purposes, colors and fixtures. You can choose lights that have timers and remote controls as well as lighting that is wireless or battery operated. Puck lights, chandeliers, drop down, tape or rope are all lighting trends for fall and winter. You can even choose to place lights inside your cabinet drawers!

Your living space might do well with an added modern piece of furniture or two with clean sharp lines and blended colors. Combining sheik modern with comfortable traditional pieces will make your living space your personal showroom of fashion.

Don't forget about the add-on pieces. Mirrors, mix and match prints and solids, faux fur and antlers, or bold colored knick knacks and pieces of art are the types of things you need as the finishing touch to your new design.

The best news is you can have all of this as well as designs you never knew to dream. The Hochuli Design and Remodeling Team stand ready to help you take your conversation from imagination to reality.

Lorrie Hochuli has over 10 years experience in design. She continues to stay on the cutting edge of what is new. Lorrie will not only listen to what you want, she will read between the lines and fill in the gaps. You're makeover won't look like a model home that has been staged to sell, it will be a showplace of personal touch and comfortable living.

Contact Us to Discuss Your Project and let us remove the stress in your remodeling project by impressing you with all we have to offer.

You may not know all the questions that need asking. That's okay. We have all the answers.