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Some Extras to Consider for Your Ahwatukee Kitchen Remodel

For a while now, you’ve known your kitchen hasn't been up to the standard you want to entertain or even for cooking daily meals. You’ve already ruled out moving because you love your home and neighborhood. These are just a few reasons that you’ve decided on an Ahwatukee kitchen remodel. When you dream about your new kitchen and choose an interior designer and remodeling contractor team, there are so many cool things to add. Here are just a few of those extras to consider.

An Under-the-Counter Wine Refrigerator

As much as you entertain, you love treating your guests to a glass of good wine. However, when you have a large party, you have to make room in your regular refrigerator for numerous bottles of wine, and it takes up a lot of precious room. An under-counter wine fridge gives you an out of the way space to keep your wines at the perfect temperature all the time. As much as you'd enjoy a full-blown wine cellar, that just might not make sense, so the unercounter wine fridge is a lot more convenient than keeping a second refrigerator in the garage. It’s one extra that you’ll use often.

Second Sink

Ahwatukee Kitchen Remodel, prep sink

When you have a spacious kitchen, you can spend a lot of time walking back and forth to the sink to clean fruits and vegetables when cooking. Consider working a second sink into the space plan; a second, smaller prep sink will save you a lot of time when cooking or provide plenty of room when more than one person is cooking in your kitchen.  Working with a certified space planning designer will help ensure the proper layout for your kitchen remodeling project.

French Door Refrigerator with Freezer Drawers

The days of a side-by-side fridge being the newest thing are long gone. Today, the most convenient fridge on the market features French doors for the refrigeration area and drawers underneath for freezer items. These refrigerators offer tons of space and ensure that the things you use most are most easily accessible. Some of the newer styles allow you to access your most used items with smaller access doors on the front without the need to open the entire fridge, keeping the temperature perfect inside.

Double Oven1.5 viking oven | kitchen remodeling contractor | Ahwatukee, AZ

It never fails that the one thing that cooks the longest for your dinner party is an unusual temperature, causing you to make adjustments in cooking time for everything else or allowing things to get cold while other things cook. A double oven is a luxury that you’ll never regret. With two separate ovens to bake in at once, your dinner parties will be easier to manage and all the food will come out hot and ready to serve.  The latest and greatest is a 1.5 oven, which features one full oven combo'd with a second 1/2 oven.  What a great concept for the Holiday dinners, that will allow you to roast the Turkey in the full oven and the rolls in the 1/2. 

Beverage Refrigerator

If you have a large family or do a lot of entertaining, you are always restocking your fridge with cans of soda or beer. There never seems to be enough room, and you cringe each time the doors open, knowing it warms up your fridge. A separate beverage refrigerator, or refrigerator drawers,  goes under one of your countertops and offers a space made specifically for your can drinks, juice boxes, or milk. Some models hold up to as many 100 cans at one time.  Energy efficiency is key, as these under-counter refrigerator drawers don't take as long to cool back down, once someone opens the drawer, as a refrigerator.

Custom, or Semi-Custom, Cabinets and DrawersAhwatukee kitchen remodel contractor custom drawers

When you bought your house, it came with cabinets and drawers that were probably a standard size, of a builder grade, and lacked features like soft-close hardware. However, these are not always the best size to meet your needs. When you work with a professional design/build kitchen remodeling contractor team, they will help maximize the storage space in your kitchen remodel.  You, not only have the option to have custom cabinets and drawers built, you can determine the right size to fit the items that you keep in the kitchen. You might even want some deep drawers added for easy access to pots and pans that you use all of the time.

At Hochuli Design & Remodeling Team, we are dedicated to helping you get the kitchen of your dreams. We love designing a kitchen that includes all of the extras that you want to make your daily life easier and entertaining more enjoyable. 

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Maximize Space with your Scottsdale Kitchen Remodel
Maximize Space with your Scottsdale Kitchen Remodel

Maximize Space with your Scottsdale Kitchen Remodel

Are you tired of your outdated, tiny kitchen? Wish you had something more modern and functional, regardless of the amount of space? The good news is that there are plenty of ways you can maximize your small kitchen space. Consider these small kitchen storage ideas, as well as a few ways you can tell it is time for an upgrade.

How to Organize Small Kitchens

If you have a small kitchen with a lot of potential, it may be worth seeing how you can make the existing space work for you. Anyone who has lived in a smaller home knows that it is not the dimensions of the room that matter. The layout and the efficiency make the biggest difference in storage. Every piece of equipment and kitchen storage must do its job well, or else you will never be able to make more than popcorn. Start with these basic principles of small kitchen organization:

  • First In, First Out: Small kitchen spaces often do not have much room to store food. If you bring in something new, be sure to cycle out something that you can consume right now.
  • Minimize Extras: Clutter may be the biggest problem homeowners encounter with a small kitchen. To keep it from taking over your countertops, minimize small appliances to the ones that you will really use.
  • Build Up, Not Out: Your kitchen’s walls and even the ceiling can be an excellent source of storage. Take advantage of hooks and wall-mounted racks, so you can leave small cabinets free for heavy or densely-packed items.
  • Organize by Task: Try to keep tools and supplies for each task next to the equipment you need. This approach keeps your kitchen cleaner and easier to use.
  • Guarantee Workspace: The countertop is usually one of the first things to disappear in a packed kitchen. Declutter or move items so that you have at least one free counter that measures about six square feet.
  • Choose Modular Organization: When you only have room for a few cabinets, it’s important that they fit as much as possible. Find a specific brand of organizers for kitchen staples and tools, and stick with it. Remember that square or rectangular containers are more efficient than round ones.

These tips can make organizing a small kitchen much more effective, but they cannot solve every problem. If you find that you are stuck with a room that seriously fails to meet your needs, you have a lot of options to add storage or remodel it.

How to Decorate a Small Kitchen for Storage

Close your eyes and imagine a small kitchen. What do you see? If the sight is drab, cluttered or filled with mismatched storage, you should know that it is possible to do much better. Improving your kitchen storage does not need to make the space look cramped or resemble that horrid dormitory apartment you had in college. Instead, try one or more of these kitchen storage ideas:

  • Incorporate your pots and pans into your color scheme.
  • Choose trendy baskets and bins to keep small items out of sight.
  • Select lighter shades of paint colors that make the room seem larger.
  • If you are adding new cabinetry in a different style, replace the doors on the old ones and stain them to match.
  • Don’t forget accent colors on cabinetry or large appliances, to unify the design.

With an eye for color and the latest kitchen storage options, you can have a space that works well and looks breathtakingly attractive, no matter the size.

Never worked with a design-build remodeling company? Learn more about the remodeling process here.

Make Use of Wall Space

Finally, be sure to make the most of unused wall space in your kitchen. Consider adding a wine rack to free up space elsewhere in your kitchen. Wall mounts for hanging your pots and pans help you save cabinet space. You can even purchase magnetic spice racks that mount on your wall and minimize clutter in your cabinets.

Kitchen Storage Remodeling Ideas

Sometimes, even the best effort is not going to be sufficient for the way you use your kitchen. If you have a problem that your current layout cannot solve, you may need the assistance of a professional design and remodeling team. You can easily turn a cramped kitchen into a space that feels open, efficient and a joy to use.

Create a Kitchen Storage Cabinet Solution

In any kitchen, storage usually starts with an analysis of your cabinetry. Do your current kitchen cabinets stop short of your ceiling, or have a soffit of wasted space above them? If so, then it might be time to replace those cabinets with new ones that will extend all the way to the ceiling (assuming your ceilings aren't vaulted). Making use of vertical space can help to expand your kitchen storage without taking up more floor space in the process. The good news is that with new cabinets, you can get all the latest storage and convenience features:

  • Pull Out Drawers for Kitchen Cabinets: Maximize cabinet depth with pull-out drawers of various sizes.
  • Drawer Organization: Build the perfect storage for each drawer, from spices to pots and pans.
  • Pull Out Shelves: Add pull out shelving for small appliances and larger pots, so they are easy to reach.
  • Extra Shelving: Maximize the height with the right number of shelves, so you have no large gaps.

Not sure what is available or where to begin? Take a look at our gallery to get ideas for your kitchen storage cabinets.

Add an Appliance Nook

If you cannot spare cabinet space for your small appliances, you do not have to leave them out on the counter to take up space. An appliance nook designates the right amount of space for your espresso maker, toaster oven, stand mixer and more. You can even hide the nook behind a partial wall, to keep these tools out of sight.

Convert to an Open Floor Plan

You'd be amazed at how much of a difference it makes to convert an existing kitchen into an open floor plan by knocking down a wall here or there. With an open floor plan, your kitchen will open directly to your living room and/or dining room space. This creates the illusion of a larger kitchen and may also provide room to add an island, affording you more storage and prep space.

How to Determine if You Need Extra Space

If you feel like you are trying to live in someone else’s kitchen, you are not alone. Many homeowners who schedule kitchen remodeling in Scottsdale start from the premise that they need a space that is uniquely their own. If you have tried to make the existing room dimensions work for you and they simply do not, here are a few ways you can tell it is time to change:

  • You have little or no functional countertop.
  • You need multiple stations for food preparation, and you only have one.
  • You have to choose between storing food and storing tools.
  • Your kitchen does not have enough space for a dishwasher or microwave.

These problems are common, especially in older homes. If you call Hochuli Design and Remodeling Team, you can see how a fresh design makes all the difference.

Looking for more advice on making the most of your kitchen remodel? Take a look at our Kitchen Remodeling Gallery for inspiring ideas for your project, then contact us to discuss your project.

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More kitchen remodeling resources you may find helpful:

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Make Your Small Bathroom Look Larger With a Bathroom Remodel

A big design idea for a small bathroom isn't impossible. Your small bathroom can be transformed to appear and feel larger than it really is. Work with your designer to incorporate the following tips into your bathroom remodel to maximize what little space you have.

Color scheme

Color can make a big difference when it comes to your perception. Light, airy colors make a room appear larger. Painting the ceiling the same color as the walls, or one shade lighter, will create the illusion of a larger room with a higher ceiling. Blending the shower tile with the color of the walls can make your bathroom look double in size.

Phoenix Bathroom Remodel Contractor

Recessed lighting

Wall fixtures or hanging lights take up a lot of space and can actually make a small bathroom appear even smaller. Recessed lighting is flush with the ceiling and the angle of the lighting will create warmth in the room, making it appear larger. The light reflecting off a bathroom mirror can create a feeling of depth.

Natural light

Windows or skylights do wonders for a small bathroom. Not only does a window make the room appear larger, but the natural light coming through makes the room appear "open". If you must cover up for privacy, use translucent blinds or sheer curtains.

Pedestal sink

A large vanity isn't intended for a small bathroom. A simple pedestal sink will take up less space while still looking sophisticated.

Recessed shelving and storage

Recessed shelving is set inside the wall. This makes the room appear larger with more depth. Covering open shelving with shutter doors or a swing mirror can hide toiletries making the room seem less cluttered while still being flush with the wall.

A small bathroom isn't a lost cause.  Working with a Professional Design/Build Home Remodeling Contractor can help ensure the bathroom remodeling project is properly pulled together.  Do you have a bathroom design build remodel project in mind?

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Ideas for a Well-Designed Laundry Room

Laundry rooms are no longer the forgotten space of a home –

Inteior design and remodel of ahwatukee area laundry room in phoenix, az by hochuli design & remodeling team
Laundry Room in Phoenix, AZ

nor should they be. In today’s homes, laundry areas are multi-functional and organized to keep households running smoothly and efficiently.

When thinking about the design of your laundry room, it is important to consider the tasks involved: sorting, cleaning, drying, folding and ironing. A well-designed laundry room can accomplish these chores and more.

Here we offer some ideas for your well-designed laundry room.

One of the biggest causes of clutter in the home are shoes, jackets and bags. If your laundry room is near an entrance, one of best design ideas is to dedicate a small portion of the laundry room for these items – with storage lockers. These provide a dedicated space for jackets, hats and backpacks that are off the floor yet near the door. Lockers can include bench seating and cubbies to store shoes, too.

Another must-have in any well-designed laundry room is counter space for folding laundry.

Interior design and remodel of laundry room wtih hamper pull-outs in phoenix, az

If you have a front-load washer and dryer, a countertop can go above the units so clothes can be taken directly from the dryer to fold. Additionally, you’ll want cabinets with organizing systems that can store laundry products and other items for easy access.

Also worth consideration are these laundry room features designed with functionality in mind:

• Pull-out hamper cabinets make for easy laundry sorting.
• Utility sinks provide a dedicated spot to hand-wash delicate items.
• Flat-drying and hanging racks offer a convenient place to air-dry clothes.
• In-wall ironing boards keep the “ironing center” organized and tucked away.

laundry room pet washing station remodel contractor scottsdale, az

Some laundry rooms are also being designed with pet-washing stations. These showers are equipped with hand-held showerheads so you can get your dog’s entire body clean, or simply hose off their dirty paws. If you have larger dogs, a no- or low-threshold shower is recommended, but if you have smaller dogs, consider elevating the dog bath to make it easier on your back.

The space you can dedicate for your laundry area will dictate what is possible, but working closely with a good design build contractor and their design team, even the smallest laundry rooms can achieve new measures of efficiency.

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To find more remodeling project pictures and ideas, check out our Galleries of completed projects.  Find contractor testimonials, reviews, and surveys to hear what our past clients in the greater Phoenix, AZ area are saying about the process of working with our Team.

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Customizable Products to Make Your Home Your Own

KBIS 2015: Customizable Products to Make Your Home Your Own KBIS Kitchen Bath Remodel Show 2015 Interior Design Products

Recently, we attended the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in Las Vegas. It is “the Show” to see the latest industry products, trends and technologies. KBIS co-located with the NAHB International Builders’ Show (IBS) to form Design & Construction Week – and with over 125,000 residential design and construction professionals in attendance, it was the place to be.

We saw countless new products and innovative ideas, but over and over again, the big “theme” we noticed was offering “customizable” products. It seems that manufacturers have caught on to the idea that people want to be able to customize anything within their home. Everyone has their own tastes and styles, and you want to be able to make your home your own.

Here are a few products and designs that caught our attention:

The trend of transforming an ordinary bathroom into a relaxing spa-like space is still strong, and products are getting more sophisticated to elevate that spa experience. Kohler® introduced a new product called the DTV+ shower that brings your showering experience to a whole new level of luxury. With a touch of a screen, you can make your shower emulate nature with the multi-sensory fusion of water, music, steam and light. Whether you want a loud, awakening car-wash experience to start your day, or to feel soft blue rain to end it, you are in complete control.

Another product that is growing in popularity is porcelain tile flooring that looks like wood, and we think that it is going to be around for a while. What we find people enjoy about this product is its low maintenance, and because you don’t have to worry about it getting wet (like you do hardwood), you can use it in any part of the home. The oblog photother cool thing is that many of these porcelain tile products are made from recycled material, making them environmentally friendly as well.

Brass is back, but not the cheap-looking brassy fixtures that we remember from the 1980s. These champagne-colored fixtures and hardware are emerging in bathrooms and kitchens. Sometimes called brushed bronze, the rich-looking fixtures will add glamor to your home yet are affordable.

Black and white is going to be big in home décor this year. We saw so many vendors featuring black and white – from floor coverings to tile to full-kitchen displays. Neutral, of-the-earth- colors were also big: Walker Zanger displayed a beautiful faux wood herringbone tile that won a “Best of KBIS” award.

Matted finishes also seem to be popular for counter, wall and floor coverings. One of the advantages of installing a matte finish, especially in a kitchen or bathroom where there is water, is that it will be less slippery. Additionally, it shows a lot less dirt and watermarks.

Many kitchens are getting away from stainless steel and are being designed with customized color appliances. It seems as though kitchen appliance manufacturers are picking up on the trend that people want to be able to have their house completely customizable.

Further, cabinetry is becoming decorative with a lot more detail. We spoke to one vendor who makes customizable cabinetry inserts that can be designed specifically to your tastes.

Do you have a kitchen or bathroom that needs remodeled? Contact us at (602) 451-0323 or Contact us today to discuss your project

Check out our website for more information about how we make remodeling an enjoyable experience, and start daydreaming in our Galleries with pictures of Kitchens, Bathrooms, Room Additions, and Other Projects.

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