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Adding an Addition to Your Phoenix Home

Adding an Addition to Your Phoenix Home

Are you dreaming of a spacious kitchen or an extra bedroom for your Phoenix home? Adding an addition to your home can transform your living space and increase property value.

Adding an addition, however, is a complex process that requires careful planning and execution. Before you start, it’s important to understand the types of additions available. Knowing all the details will help you navigate the home addition process smoothly.

Understanding Home Additions

A functional laundry room with stackable washer dryer, countertops and tile backsplash.

Project: Custom Mud and Laundry Room in Phoenix, AZ

Here in Phoenix, home additions are a popular way to increase living space and add enjoyment and value to your property. Examples of rooms that can be incorporated into a conventional house addition include:

  • Laundry room
  • Family room
  • New room, such as a guest bedroom or home office
  • Master bedroom suite
  • Teen hangout room
  • Pool house

The cost of a home addition will vary depending on factors such as the type of space being added (Is the space wet or dry?), size, complexity, materials, and labor.

For instance, a second-story addition can significantly increase the living space without consuming any land. However, constructing a second-floor addition in Arizona looks different than in a cooler climate, so you need to weight the pros and cons.

Scottsdale kitchen remodel contractor, hochuli design and remodeling team

Project: Gainey Ranch Kitchen Remodel (Scottsdale)

Planning Your Home Addition

Thorough planning, which includes assessing your needs, budgeting, and selecting an appropriate addition type, is a cornerstone of a successful home addition project. Before starting, it’s important to consider questions such as “What is our budget?”, “What size space do we desire?”, and “How long will the project take?”.

Hiring the right contractor (not just the lowest bidder) will talk you through the process and make sure that these questions (and others) are answered during the design phase. This will set you up for a successful outcome where the project is completed to code and on time.

When designing a room addition, the primary question

Assessing Your Needs

When assessing your requirements for a home addition, it’s important to contemplate your family’s current and future needs, like additional bedrooms, bathrooms, or recreation rooms. When designing a room addition, we'll ask you: "How does this project align with your family’s requirements?" This may include considering the needs of aging parents or college-age children who may return home in the near future.

Determining the type of room addition that best suits your needs can greatly impact the success and satisfaction of this project. Take the time to discuss your family’s needs, preferences, and lifestyle with your design build remodeling team to ensure the addition will be both functional and enjoyable for years to come.

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Cost and Budget

Before talking to a remodeling firm, it's important to have at least a basic understanding of what a room addition costs. Many home remodeling firms, including ours, publish the cost of remodeling and building additions on their websites because we know it's important for consumers to be educated going into this type of project (because it's not like you see on the home improvement shows).

When you think about your room addition or bump out, consider everything that goes into creating that extra space. This could include electrical and plumbing work, air conditioning, built-in cabinets, roofing material, windows for natural light, changes to the existing home and so much more.

For example, with our design and remodeling team, we note that Dry Rooms are approximately $400 per square foot and Wet Rooms are $600+ per square foot. This is a ballpark figure based on our decades of knowledge and experience in the Phoenix area.

When setting a budget for a home addition, homeowners should understand that a professional remodeling team will incorporate all costs into one final price. This will include labor costs, building materials, obtaining permits, clean-up costs and more. All of this should be covered before you sign a contract.

Having said that, there may be post-construction expenses that you'll want to keep in mind. It could include window treatments (for your new addition) and landscaping if the exterior was disturbed.

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Common Room Additions for Homes

This part will discuss popular home addition options like:

  • Kitchen expansions
  • Master suite additions
  • Arizona rooms
  • Home offices
  • Teen hangout rooms

These additions cater to various needs and preferences, allowing homeowners to customize their living spaces and enhance the functionality and value of their homes.

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Kitchen Addition

a modern kitchen addition in tempe arizona with wood cabinetry.

Project: Design-Build Kitchen Remodel in Tempe

Expanding your kitchen can improve functionality and increase your home’s value. The approximate cost of a kitchen remodel can range between $130,000 and $200,000+ (known as the All-In Kitchen Remodel to our team). This may include the moving or removing of walls, a higher-end cabinet line with organizational pull-outs and specialty storage options, quartz or granite countertops, decorative tile and an enlarged island.

Expanding your kitchen offers numerous advantages:

  • It opens up a larger, more inviting space for cooking, dining, and socializing.
  • It enhances the visual charm of your home.
  • It creates a more delightful environment for your family to gather and forge precious memories.

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Master Suite Addition

A black and white bedroom with gold accents in Phoenix.

Adding a master suite can provide a luxurious retreat and boost property value. If you have aging parents who may soon require residence with you or college kids contemplating returning home, you may want to proceed beyond a bump-out and construct something more spacious and long-term, such as an in-law suite or master bedroom. 

A master suite addition offers many benefits:

  • It provides a private, comfortable space for homeowners.
  • It adds a luxurious touch to the home, increasing its appeal to potential buyers.
  • It offers the potential for multi-generational living, accommodating aging parents or returning college students.

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Arizona Room Addition

An Arizona room offers a comfortable indoor-outdoor living space, perfect for enjoying the local climate. An Arizona room provides a lot of value:

  • Additional space for entertaining or relaxing with family and friends.
  • Increased functionality of the home.
  • It is an efficient way to add visual charm and increase the value of your home.

Home Office Addition

A dedicated home office can improve work-from-home productivity and give you the space you crave for professional pursuits. 

Adding a home office offers several advantages:

  • A boost in productivity due to its dedicated workspace for work and study tasks.
  • Increased mental clarity stemming from the separation between living spaces and work areas.
  • Better focus and concentration due to a decreased likelihood of distractions.

Teen Hangout Room

A teen hangout room allows your teenager to create an inviting space for friends while providing them with some privacy. The cost of a teen hangout room addition can vary depending on the size, materials used and complexity.

Incorporating a teen hangout room offers many benefits:

  • It provides teens with a designated area to socialize and gather with friends while giving parents (or grandparents) peace of mind.
  • Increased privacy for the family and their teenage son or daughter.
  • It is an ideal space for movie nights and game nights.


No matter which type of room addition you select, our experienced design build remodeling team is here to help make your vision a reality. We understand that adding an addition is a major investment, and we are committed to providing superior quality and service while being mindful of your budget. For more information, contact us today.