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How To Prioritize Home Projects: What Should You Start First?

How To Prioritize Home Projects: What Should You Start First?

Today's housing market is leading most homeowners to avoid buying and selling, and instead, they're focusing on remodeling the homes they're already in. Because of this, many homeowners want to tackle multiple home improvement projects, which makes it challenging to determine which project to begin first. If you've got several projects on the priority list, we've provided some questions to ask yourself so you know how to decide and conquer one project at a time. 

What Issues Need to Be Fixed? 

When it comes to remodeling projects, the best game plan is to think in terms of issues instead of solutions. Look at your home objectively, and consider what problems you'd like to solve first. Homes in the Phoenix area are deficient in storage, so if you need more, you may want to start here. Other common issues include natural lighting and overall square footage. Don't just think about the space you need now, but consider how your family will grow and how your home will need to accommodate bigger kids, more privacy, or aging-in-place design. That way, you can remodel your home now to grow along with your needs. 

What Do You Have and What Do You Want? 

One idea to organize your home renovation projects is by creating lists of "haves" and "wants." First, make a list of the rooms in your home, and how you've designated each space. Then, make a list of the rooms you "want," and what additional needs you'd like to accommodate. Compare the two lists to determine any needs and wants that can be incorporated into your home. Can a room be transformed to satisfy a "want?" For example, can your formal dining room be remodeled to satisfy your need for a guest bedroom or a home office? Perhaps your bonus room can be transformed into another bedroom for your growing family. Take note of the size of your home and how these upgrades will impact your budget. 

What's Your Remodeling Budget? 

Your design team can help you set a realistic budget for your remodeling project, depending on the size and scope of the job. This can help you choose which home improvements to start now, and which ones can wait. Be realistic when creating a budget, and consider which projects are worth the cost. Research which upgrades will give you the best return on investment (ROI), so you can reap a reward when it comes time to sell. The remodeling firm you selected will be able to provide this information as well. 

Which Space in Your Home Will Get Used Most? 

Look at the home renovations you'd like to complete, and ask yourself which one will be the most practical and useful. Does your family really need another shower to make mornings easier, or would it be best to undertake a kitchen remodel instead since that's where the family gathers most? You can determine which remodeling project to tackle first by thinking about your ROI in terms of functionality and fun. Perhaps an extra bathroom is needed, but your family will enjoy an upgraded entertainment room best.  

What Home Upgrades are Popular in Your Neighborhood? 

Although everyone knows it's not worth it to keep up with the Jones, keeping your home competitive with other houses in the neighborhood is practical. Look around and consider what home upgrades have been done to places on your block and compare them to your own house. By ensuring that your home renovations align with those in your neighborhood, you can ensure it'll be easy to sell when the time is right. For example, if your home was built with a small master bathroom with a tiny tub, while your neighbor's homes boast large master bathrooms, this may be an indication that you may want to upgrade your bathroom first. 

Does It Make Sense to Combine Projects? 

Sometimes, combining home improvement projects makes sense. This can especially be true in terms of budgeting. For example, our Tempe Kitchen Remodel was essentially a kitchen upgrade, but the homeowner chose to install a fireplace surround at the same time while opening up the arches. Together, the homeowner and our design team determined that it was wise to complete these projects at once instead of spacing them out, which saved our clients on the total cost. 

Trust the Hochuli Design & Remodeling Team to Tackle Your Next Remodeling Project 

Do you have a list of all the projects you'd like to complete? Are you ready to start checking them off one by one? Contact us for professional help. Our team at Hochuli will be happy to turn your house into a dream home!