How Much Does a Home Addition Cost in Phoenix?

How Much Does a Home Addition Cost in Phoenix?

If you feel like your home simply does not give you the room you need to get around or live comfortably on a day to day basis, making an investment into a home addition is worth considering.

Physically expanding the size of your house in Phoenix is an opportunity to create an extra bedroom for your growing family, a functional multipurpose room for work and play, or much-needed storage space—whatever is lacking or causing discomfort and inconvenience. With proper planning and execution, expanding your house or adding an extra room can change the way you use—and see—your residence and allow you family to continue evolving comfortably over the next several years.

Home Addition Cost Estimates in Phoenix, AZ

Since physically extending the size of your home tends to be a more substantial investment than many other home improvement projects, the first place to start your research and preparation is with an assessment of the cost and value of a Central Arizona room addition.

If you’re designing and building a custom addition, you won’t know the exact cost of your project until you’ve finished identifying your main project priorities, developing a layout and selecting the various features, fixtures and finishes you want to include in the room. However, that doesn’t mean you have to go into the project blindly.

Researching the average home addition costs of similar residential improvement projects in the Phoenix area can provide you with a general idea of what you should expect to spend on the addition, depending on factors such size, scope, type of space and quality of materials. To help you start devising a preliminary budget with reasonably accurate numbers for your Phoenix home addition, here is a look at what you should know in terms of cost, as well as some averages for similar projects around the region

Midrange vs. Upscale Home Additions

As you look at cost estimates for home additions or remodeling projects, you will often see references to terms like “midrange” or “upscale.” It is important to understand what these terms mean because they tie directly into the design of the room, as well as its overall cost. In the case of a home addition, the difference usually relates to the total square footage of space included in the expansion. For example, a midrange bathroom addition measures about 50 square feet for the interior space. By comparison, an upscale bathroom addition is more than double the size. A midrange master suite addition is almost 400 square feet, which is spacious but much less grand than an upscale master suite addition’s range of 650 square feet.

Additionally, these terms also encompass different levels of fit and finish. While midrange refers to the baseline or standard version of various materials and finishes, upscale is the higher-end option for each component. For example, you will often find that economy grade kitchen appliances, a laminate island countertop and stock cabinetry fall into the midrange category, while custom wood cabinets, handcrafted tiles and imported stone countertops are all upscale options. According to Remodeling’s 2020 Cost vs. Value Report, selecting higher-end features and finishes can slowly add up, creating a roughly 40% to 50% price difference between midrange and upscale home additions in Phoenix.

Master Suite Addition

A master suite addition in Phoenix costs about $120,000 to $135,000, and you can expect a roughly 57% return on investment (ROI) in potential resale value. At the midrange level, this type of project includes adding a 24-by-16-foot master bedroom suite that includes a walk-in closet or dressing area; freestanding soaker tub; double-bowl vanity with a solid-surface countertop; and a separate ceramic tile shower. Common flooring materials for a midrange addition include carpet for the bedroom and tile in the bathroom. Finally, the project includes installation of general and spot lighting and a new exhaust fan, as well as giving the walls, ceiling and trim a fresh coat of paint.

For about $250,000 to $275,000, you can create a more expansive and upscale master suite with all the extras. This is a significant addition, which means it is ideal for a second-floor addition or for property that contains ample extra space on which to expand the main floor’s footprint. In an upscale master suite, you can enjoy plenty of room to rest but also relax, with space for a large bed and a sitting room with built-in bookcases. Follow French doors into a walk-in closet built for two. Continue on to a four-piece bathroom with all high-end components and materials, like a stone-walled dual shower, soaker tub and double sink. For a little extra beyond the ordinary, add a hospitality center with a bar-height counter and sink, and a built-in refrigerator and microwave underneath.

Bathroom Addition Costs

Another common type of home addition for families in Phoenix is creating an extra bathroom. For a midrange bathroom addition, you should budget about $45,000 to $50,000. At that price, you can typically add a 6-by-8-foot bathroom that includes standard features, such as a white fiberglass bathtub/shower with ceramic tile surround, a white low-profile toilet and a cultured-stone vanity top with a molded sink. Additionally, your space includes general and spot lighting, ceramic tile flooring and a linen storage closet or cabinet for keeping your essential bathroom supplies and cleaning equipment.

An upscale bathroom addition in Phoenix costs closer to $75,000 to $100,000, depending on the upgrades you choose. You will start with a 10-by-10-foot space, which gives you enough room for a single enclosed shower and a freestanding tub. The design allows you to separate the toilet into a water closet for added privacy, with twin sinks that make it easier for two or more people to get ready quickly and efficiently in the morning. At this price point, you are not getting a lot of extras that some people might consider standard. If you really want a bathtub large enough for two, a spacious linen closet or a built-in sauna, plan to invest more.

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Comparing Costs of Room Additions to Other Home Improvement Projects

If you compare a home addition to a similar remodeling project, you can see a big difference in price. For example, you will pay about $50,000 to $60,000 for an upscale bathroom remodel, but you can expect to spend at least an extra $20,000 to $30,000 to the project if it is a home addition. The biggest difference is the need to create an entirely new structure from the ground up, in an area where nothing currently exists. You also may have to level the ground on your property and do excavation and foundation work to safely add onto your house in Phoenix without undermining its structural integrity. The process often includes hiring tradespeople to extend your electrical, plumbing and other mechanical systems, especially if you’re expanding a kitchen or adding a bathroom.

A larger addition usually comes at a noticeably higher cost simply because you need more materials, such as exterior and interior walls and flooring, to shape the new structure. You’re also covering the cost for additional labor to execute a greater scope of work.

What’s the ROI on a Home Addition?

Although many reports put an actual number on the increase in resale value you get from completing a home addition, the truth for your home may be a little less clear. As a general rule, you can expect to get somewhere between a 50% to 70% ROI for the cost of this type of home improvement project. For a smaller addition like a deck, the anticipated ROI is typically closer to 80%.

It is important to remember that evaluating ROI ties directly to the need for the addition and how it makes your home fit into the rest of the neighborhood. If a master suite or bathroom addition dramatically adds to your square footage or makes your home more competitive with other properties in the area, you can likely expect a better ROI.

However, investing in a home addition often pays dividends in other ways by giving your family the space you need to reside comfortably with one another without having to move to a new home or completely uproot your routine. You have the opportunity to stay in the neighborhood or community where you’ve set down roots while still enhancing the quality of life for everyone in your household.

How Much Will I Pay for My Home Addition in Central Arizona?

While it’s helpful to have a general idea about the costs of adding onto your home in Phoenix, you won’t be able to set a definitive budget until the design phase is underway. In order to get a true estimate for your home addition, start by reaching out to the home remodeling experts at Hochuli Design & Remodeling Team. We will discuss your home's location, the anticipated scope of work for your project and you desired timeline of completion to help gauge the level of investment you should expect to make on your home addition.

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