How Long Does a Kitchen Remodel Take?

How Long Does a Kitchen Remodel Take?

A couple notes from the sample schedule above:

  • The Design Phase of planning any Home Remodeling project is a critical time in the overall schedule of a project.  This is where all of the details are figured out, what the scope of the project will be, what the finishes will be, and what the finished remodel project will look like; with the use of a Design Rendering.
    • With all of the planning done up front; the possibility for delays during the actual construction is greatly reduced.
  • As mentioned earlier, decision making is a big component for the remodel planning.  Again, to reduce the possible delays once the project is underway:  Do you think it'd be a good idea to decide on what the project is going to include before starting demolition?  Which cabinet design will you decide on?  What will the countertop material be?  Otherwise, your project may come to a screeching halt, and create delays in the construction calendar.
  • This sample schedule does not take in to account major changes you may have in mind.  Is there a wall dividing the kitchen and family areas that you'd like to take down?  What about the functionality of the kitchen itself; should you explore moving things around a bit for a better layout?  Are you open to ideas that you may have not even considered?  This all adds a little bit of time, how much is unclear until you dive in to the design phases of project scope development.

What is your takeaway from the sample kitchen remodeling project schedule?  Is this the year you finally get that new kitchen you've dreamed of since moving in?  Are you ready to show off a bit?

Take a look in our gallery of completed Kitchen Remodeling Pictures, our Process for Remodeling, and learn more about Scott & Lorrie.  Then let's get serious about getting you that new kitchen you deserve!

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