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Designing a Small Bathroom: Bathroom Remodeling Solutions in Tempe

When designing or building a bathroom with a small amount of space, you may be forced to change your vision or even sacrifice certain features to fit the square footage. If you're stuck with a little room, there are some things to make you and your guests feel less cramped. While pedestal sinks don't have cabinets and drawers, they still take up space that could be valuable in terms of accessibility. Don't lose hope, with a corner sink you have the room to move and the storage you need. The interaction between the shower door or curtain can get hectic with a sink in the way. Moving it off to the side allows for more space all around.

If moving the sink to the side seems like cutting corners to you, suspending the sink or mounting the faucet on a wall with a trough might be for you. This means that your actual sink will be more narrow, eliminating traffic problems and opening up the floor space.

Having a tub or shower with doors can dramatically decrease space in a bathroom and can be easily fixed with a shower curtain. Shower curtains take up less space and allow for a little more design creativity. If you can't fathom having a shower curtain in your bathroom, there are tub-shower combinations that can be remodeled with sliding doors as opposed to outward opening ones.

If you decide to stick with the doors on your shower, adding a towel handle will keep them handy but avoid accumulating a pile on a hook behind the door. Hanging towels behind the door, especially with more than one regular user, can weigh on the door and give the bathroom a crowded feel. Avoid this by hanging a couple of towels near the shower and having a linen closet for guests nearby.

Remodeling a bathroom to accommodate a window allows for a space to open up, but if this isn't in your budget - buy a mirror instead! Most bathrooms already have mirrors, but expanding yours can give the illusion that the wall has extended as well.  It doesn't take up floor space and could replace a window if you don't have one already.

Learn to love your bathroom regardless of size.  View our remodeling gallery for inspiring ideas, then contact our design/build team to discuss the various options for your bathroom remodel project