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Home Remodeling Tip: Kitchen Space Planning

Quick Tip: The Main Ingredient for Good Kitchen Space Planning

The main ingredient for good kitchen space planning is knowing what cabinetry features are on the market.

Design/Build Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Cabinet manufacturers are coming out with more options every year, and it is up to us, the kitchen designers, to know what’s available so we can present you with the right design that makes use of every square inch of space.

Some of the cabinet features, such as spice racks, magic corners, two-tiered cutlery pull-out drawers and pot-and-pan drawers, will keep the kitchen organized and functioning because everything has a spot – making the room more efficient and enjoyable.

When remodeling your kitchen, while it is important that you choose selections (countertop, color, style, flooring, lighting, etc.) that are pleasing to the eye, time and again, it is the functionality of the space that will bring you the most satisfaction.

Remember: A beautiful kitchen can still be frustrating if the design behind it doesn’t work