Inside this Gorgeous Kitchen Remodel in Phoenix

Inside this Gorgeous Kitchen Remodel in Phoenix

The kitchen is the focal point for many homes. This kitchen remodel in Phoenix maximizes both design and function for a professional level working space that is matched only by style and grace. Take note of the extensive storage and several possible work stations. The tasteful accents of color and the gorgeous use of natural lighting complements the package. If you had this kitchen, would you ever want to leave? What if everything you wanted in a kitchen could come to life, just like this one?

Countertops for Every Kitchen Project

The standard kitchen needs at least 36" to 42" of usable counter space. Without it, you might struggle to find a place to chop, roll out, or serve. By comparison, this kitchen has dozens of linear feet of functional countertop. As a material, marble is taking the stage ahead of granite and quartz. This timeless material lasts forever with good upkeep and has its own unique character.

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Catch a glimpse of the crackling veins of gray as they run across the countertop. Pay attention to the lack of small appliances stretching across the surface and occupying that valuable real estate. Just a small coffeemaker in the corner indicates that most of the appliances for this kitchen are stored underneath.

Color Contrasts

The all-white kitchen is starting to go out of vogue, and you can see the beautiful new trends that are starting to emerge. The expanse of white marble draws your eye to the wood-look tile in bronze tones. Here, you have a delightful harmony of warm and cool. The hardware choices avoid making the space look too tightly coordinated. Instead, the mix of soft bronze and brass in the drawer pulls and seating, with the cool stainless steel of the appliances and light fixtures, balances the space. This design softens many of the harsh, cold lines of the old white-on-white, creating a room that is both clean and inviting.

Drawers Galore

The primary function of cabinetry is storage, but so many systems fail to maximize the space. In a larger kitchen, efficiency is still important. That's why there are so many drawers running underneath these countertops. Custom cabinetry gives you the ability to specify a precise height for each drawer. This gives you the perfect width to evenly spread out all of your kitchen tools or serving ware, with the depth that can handle large bowls or a stand mixer. It also minimizes stretching and reaching to higher shelves for the right implement.

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Textured Transitions

Although color contrasts create a lot of interest in this kitchen, you should also notice the textures. The varied appearance of the flooring gives an illusion of depth. That feeling extends to the textured cabinet fronts in a warm gray. There are no flat expanses that stretch to eternity in this space. Even the ceramic tile backsplash features clean lines with a definable bevel that adds shadow and depth to the bright white color.

You'll find numerous hints of life surrounding the edges. Small planters give a touch of bright green, to contrast with the bright red decorations on the open shelving. These elements bring the kitchen down to earth. The kitchen appears professional, but these little touches make it feel like home.

Storage With an Open Layout

When homeowners look at various kitchen designs, it's too easy to try to classify them into two essential layouts: minimal storage or minimal movement. Open designs with lots of lighting often convey a lack of storage, but you don't get that sense here. This kitchen bridges the gap with a largely open layout and tons of storage from the countertop down. The low-profile seating allows the eye to move smoothly from the island to the exterior wall. It also makes for a freer movement while using the kitchen.

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Unified Design

In years past, it has been all too tempting for homeowners to maximize high kitchen ceilings with cabinets that expand just as high. This kitchen is notable for its restraint. You can tell that function is the focus, with a handful of top cabinets that provide necessary storage space for spices and such surrounding the range and double ovens. The medium-shade paint selection above the cabinets makes those high ceilings feel natural, not a void. This kitchen may be larger than the average, but it feels accessible from every point in the room.

Natural Light

Although this kitchen truly seems to have everything, what you won't notice is a ton of light fixtures on every wall. With the pleasant air of an outdoor summer kitchen, this space maximizes natural light in the best ways. Several windows stretching along the countertop ensure that every inch of the kitchen has adequate visibility during the day, no lighting required. Although the windows are doing the heavy lifting for lighting, the tasteful downlights above the island add the perfect amount of illumination at night.

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Room for Entertaining

Just by looking at the size and arrangement of appliances, you can see that this is a space built for entertaining. The bar seating is comfortable and classy, but there is plenty of it. It denotes a large family or extra room for guests to relax. The position of the double ovens, range and microwave are spread out for maximum convenience. The result is a kitchen that multiple people can use at the same time. Hosting an event for business or a larger family party creates the perfect opportunity for the extensive counter space and storage to take center-stage.

It is easy to look at a comprehensive, gorgeous package like this kitchen and wonder how you can get something just like it, but built for your needs. That is the beauty of a custom kitchen remodel, especially when you hire experts like Hochuli Design & Remodeling Team. We can take your ideas and combine them with the latest trends and best practices in kitchen design. The end result is a spectacular layout that you love to look at and enjoy using every day. To find out more about our services or discover how you can get your dream kitchen, contact us today.

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