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Hochuli's 30 Day Stay at Home Challenge

Hochuli's 30 Day Stay at Home Challenge

The stay at home order has many of us at a loss for what to do with our spare time. With all this extra time at home, why not challenge yourself to make some home improvements? Now is the time to upkeep and maintain your home. We shared each day's challenges on our social media accounts- but thought, why not share it with everyone! We've decided to create a series of challenges for you and your family for entertainment during this stay at home order. The challenges will include a wide variety of topics, from selecting new paint for your favorite rooms in your home to having a virtual happy hour with your friends. 

stay at home challenge week #1

Day 1: Order & Change those A/C Filters! It's good to swap these out now before that Arizona summer heat sets in.

Day 2: Select & Order New Paint. Most stores have online options for paint selection, and several are offering curbside pickup! Start thinking about the rooms in your home that could use a fresh coat. 

Day 3: Clean out the pantry. We know we're a little guilty of having a messy pantry! Take this time to get everything organized. Who knows, you may find something useful.

Day 4: Today we encourage you to send a gift card from a small business or restaurant to a friend. Not only will you support a local business, you'll put a smile on a loved one's face! It's a win-win! 

Day 5: Floors looking a little grimy? Take some time today to give 'em a nice cleaning. If you're feeling really productive- try renting a machine for extra clean floors. Or, give our friends at @rugworx a call!

stay at home challenge week #2

Day 1: Today's challenge- smoke detectors! The batteries in your smoke detectors should be changed every six months. If you haven't changed your batteries lately- take some time today to get those changed out. Bonus points for adding a reminder in your calendar six months from now! 

Day 2: Today's challenge is wide open! The task? To build something. Whether that's a craft with the kids, finishing that project that's been sitting on your workbench, or building something with lego's- the sky is the limit.

Day 3: Could you use some more space in your closet? The quickest (and easiest) way to create more room is to get rid of old clothes you don't wear anymore. Grab a big trash bag and clear out those shoes, dresses, pants, ties, or purses to donate when our "stay at home" order lifts in a few weeks! 

Day 4: You may not be using the car as much these days, but there is something to be said about giving the car a bath on a nice sunny day! 

Day 5: Congrats, you've made it to the end of the week! Kick back and relax with a virtual happy hour with friends! Arrange a Zoom, a FaceTime, or a phone call to check in with your friends and family.


Day 1: Today's challenge involves something we happen to find pretty soothing: pressure washing! Take some time today to wash the garage floor and the driveway. While you're at it- inspect your driveway for cracks!

Day 2:  Barter with someone (safely of course)! Do you have extra paper towels, but are in need of gluten-free noodles? Find a friend, neighbor, or family member to make a trade with. Arrange a time for them to leave their item outside their front door, and swing by to make the exchange. Give the doorbell a ring to let them know you're done and leaving. You can also post on neighborhood Facebook or Nextdoor groups to widen your search!

Day 3: It's time to tackle the storage shed. Head on outside and take a look at what you've got stored. If there are big items you don't use anymore- go ahead and schedule a bulk pick up, or make a pile for donation. While you're at it- take some time to organize your tools! 

Day 4: Get creative today with our "as-built" challenge. Take some time to measure and sketch your vision for the next space you want to remodel. Include locations of windows, doors, cabinets, appliances, sinks, wall-length measurements, and ceiling height. Take your time, make it accurate, start a folder on your computer; add the sketch and "before pictures" of the room.

Day 5: The team at Hochuli challenges you to unwind with a puzzle! Get the whole family involved, or work on a 1,000 piece puzzle after the kids go to bed. Puzzles are a great way to get your mind off current events and wind down after a long week! 

Stay at home challenge week 4

Day 1: We've hit the mid-nineties which means summer is knocking on our door! Give our friends at @FutureWayMechanical a call to schedule a checkup before the 100's hit. 

Day 2: Since you've got a newly pressure washed garage floor- it's time to give it that new coating you've been thinking about since you've moved in! 

Day 3: It's time to give the plants some love. The cactus? Do we need to trim cactus? Anyway- head on outside and trim any overgrown plants before it gets too hot outside!

Day 4: Today's challenge: outdoor wood maintenance! Before the 100's hit us soon- take a look outside and take care of any exterior wood you may have around the house. Take today to repaint or re-stain any wood furniture or give that wood gate or garage door a new coat of oil.

Day 5: It's time to relax. Unwind with a date night: "stay at home style". Grab some takeout from your favorite neighborhood restaurant, turn off the TV, and enjoy the company of your significant other. 

Bonus Challenges

Bonus Challenge #1: Are you spending a lot more time in the kitchen lately? Us, too. Whether you're busy cooking up dinner or baking treats- we encourage you to try a new recipe this week! 

Bonus Challenge #2: Ghostbusters, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, E.T.. today we encourage you to share your favorite 80's movie with the kids! Who knows, your favorite might just become their favorite!

You made it! 

By the time you're reading this, you should have most of the challenges wrapped up. How did you do? Did you get to choose some new paint for your home? How about finishing that puzzle with your family? We hope that these series of challenges allowed for you to make subtle changes to your home while allowing you to spend quality time with your loved ones.

Thanks for participating! We wish you and your family well during these new times. 

-Scott & Lorrie

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