8 Essential Features of a High-End Home Renovation in Phoenix, AZ

8 Essential Features of a High-End Home Renovation in Phoenix, AZ

There is a difference between a home with a handful of high-end upgrades and a true luxury home. The distinction comes from the very beginning, in the quality of the design and the finishing touches.

At Hochuli Design & Remodeling Team, we bring luxurious elements into even the most ordinary aspects of life, making them extraordinary. From highly practical upgrades to the splurges you make for yourself and your hobbies, these eight essentials can showcase your style.

What Does Every Luxury Home Need?

1. Expansive Master Suite

When you visit a friend’s home, you can often guess the age by the size of the master suite. These days, especially for those of us who spend so much time at home, bigger is better. The master suite can accommodate everything you love about home life, including a large walk-in closet, relaxation space, a getting ready station, and a luxury bathroom. If you love the latest and greatest, take a moment to browse the top home design trends for 2021 for ideas.

2. Spa Bathroom  

A spa bathroom offers a break from the cares of the day–beginning, middle, and end. Picture a curbless walk-in shower lined with natural stone tile and the latest in full-body showerheads. Add a sauna for additional relaxation. If you prefer, install a freestanding soaker tub with high ceilings and windows to let in the natural light. Go for a minimalist design or get a little wild with a living wall. The opportunity to rest will help give you additional energy for your daily responsibilities.

3. Grand Entryway

You can usually identify modern luxurious houses the moment you set foot in the door, which is why a grand entryway is important. Luxury home trends spare no expense in this arena, and the result is well worth the effort. Expanding your entryway involves more than simply changing the door, however. Floor-to-ceiling windows could flood the area with warm sunlight. A grand staircase in marble or wood adds a touch of timelessness.

4. Exercise Room

Staying in shape is key to enjoying Phoenix luxury homes, making a home gym a practical part of the remodeling plan. Homeowners who prefer to wake up early and get in an hour workout before attending to business, or who use the space to wind down in the afternoon, can have everything they want. Tailor the space to your fitness goals, with plenty of space for free-weights or the latest equipment from Nordictrack.

5. Outdoor Living Spaces

Do you sometimes wish you could live outside without sacrificing the comforts of home? An outdoor living space can meet your expectations, with just as much style and substance as your house. If you are looking for a way to dramatically expand your living space while enjoying the beautiful weather, building an outdoor kitchen in Phoenix is a great choice. A design team can help you create a space with plenty of room for relaxation, dining, and entertaining.

6. Home Office

Home offices can be an ideal way to separate your business and home life, without having to divide your time between these spaces. A modern home office is as expansive as you need, with room for employees and a separate entrance for clients. Add the latest in technology and an excellent workspace, and you might see your productivity skyrocket.

7. ADU

Do you love to entertain guests? Do you wish you could give them their own private space to relax? If you have been wondering whether you need an ADU, there may be an easy solution. An accessory dwelling unit or casita offers all the comforts of home because in most cases, it is literally a home. ADUs are not just for guests, either. They can become anything you want them to be, including a haven for your college student children or even a rental property.

8. Wine Cellar

When you have a wine cellar, you can easily get a bottle of your favorite or a little something special. It’s not just the storage space. The wine cellars Phoenix homeowners love have ideal climate control for the perfect preservation. If you collect a significant amount of a particular vintage, the ability to maintain its great taste is a wonderful advantage. The best part is that you can make it as large or as small as you want, and put it anywhere in your home.

How Can I Make My House Luxurious?

If you live in one of the best neighborhoods in Phoenix to invest in a remodel, you are likely to benefit from making upgrades. The Hochuli design team can help you choose options that will give you the biggest return on your investment. Be sure to look at 2021 home remodeling trends in Arizona before you start planning, to help you determine which projects are more likely to make your home look up to the minute.

These ideas are meant to help you get started brainstorming ways to take your home to a luxurious level. You are only bound by the limits of your property and your imagination.

No matter what you want to put in your luxury remodel, you need the benefit of an experienced design-build remodeling team like Hochuli. Contact us to discuss your project or learn more about our services.

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