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91 Days: Breaking Down the Kitchen Remodel Timeline

91 Days: Breaking Down the Kitchen Remodel Timeline

So you've decided you want to remodel your kitchen. You've had enough! You can't take it any longer! The dishwasher doesn't clean like it used to, you're tired of the tile countertops from 1985 or the granite the previous homeowner selected in the 90's. You and your spouse like to entertain friends and family, ultimately you're demanding to have a "kitchen we're proud to show off!" !

You've talked about ideas, looked at pictures online, watched the HGTV shows, asked friends for referrals, searched online, and decided to work with a Design-Build Remodeling Contractor, so you reach out to them. You are ready to get the Process started!

  • On average, it takes 7 days from the initial phone conversation to the 1st in-person meeting to discuss the kitchen remodel project. (7 days)

  • It could then take 14 days to prepare a new kitchen layout, elevations, and proposal. (21 days)

  • What's your decision making process? On average, it's another 7 days for you to give the go to move forward. (Now we're at 28 days)

  • Now all of the details need to be finalized. On average it takes 14 days to sign-off on all of the various selections for kitchen layout, finish material selections, and cabinets. (42 days)

  • Things get ordered, schedules are put together, and the waiting begins. You don't want your remodeling contractor to get started until everything is in, do you? On average, long lead time or special order items such as cabinets can take up to 7 weeks to get them ordered, built, and delivered. (total of 91 days)

So what does this all mean?

Using the example outlined above; if you want to show off your new kitchen this summer, now is the time to pick up the phone and get Scott & Lorrie involved with the planning and design for your kitchen remodel.

Obviously, there are variations of each step along the way. Maybe you're quick to make a decision in one day instead of seven. Or maybe the cabinets you've selected are 4 weeks out instead of 6. Who knows. Whatever the case may be, if you want it done right and you want to 'cover all your bases' and know exactly what you're getting before tearing up your kitchen...... well, it takes time.

If you've looked at pictures of completed kitchen remodel projects, checked client reviews, and have decided it's time to 'get this thing started' give us a call, or Contact us via email to get the next step going.  Our Process starts with a Conversation, and we're looking forward to helping you be proud of your home once again. 

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